3 Way Valve

New product

3 way valve to permanently install any Wireless TPMS screw on external systems. Sold individually. Suitable for any car/ vehicle with standard valve stems.

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$28.00 Incl. GST

Product Information

Patented T-Valve, designed especially for Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems with external sensors.

These T-Valves are designed to replace rubber or metal valve stems and  will fit either .625, or .453 sizes in automotive, performance applications etc with pressures up to 100 psi.

Now anyone can install their external TPMS wheel sensor in a semi permanent application and add or remove air whilst not having to remove the sensor.

This is a big plus in those hard to reach locations and adds extended life to sensor seals.

The T-Valve can also accommodate the sensor locking system for added security if needed while still offering access for tire inflation without removing the lock or sensor.

This labour saving device also adds an attractive appearance to any wheel with its chrome finish and engineered valve caps.

IMPORTANT: This product should be fitted by a qualified tyre specialist.