Wheel Nut Indicator 4WD 65mmDeep Extended Pointer on top

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Visually detects any loose wheel nuts and detect overheated brakes or bearings.

Comes in Nut sizes 19,21,22mm

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$4.00 Incl. GST

Product Information

 Indicators can be used on any nut and bolt which requires observation. 

Reduce fleet downtime and costs – increase safety – now. 

Our loose wheel nut indicators and other road transport safety systems help you:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Save on cost of parts
  • Reduce employee and public injury
  • Visually detect overheating brakes
  • Turn additional wheel re torquing into a simple visual inspections
Fit the wheel nut indicator on the nuts in a uniform pattern. Any pattern may be used as long as any movement is clearly visible. 
Ensure the wheel nut indicator pointer has room to move and is not aligned against the rim.

General Features:

  • Each unit is togh, UV stablized, numbered and Australian Made.
  • Each unit is also heat sensitive and will turn brown on edges of wheel nut. This allows for easy detection of any brake and bearing problems.

Best to choose your size wheelnut with an exact fitting socket. 

If nut is recessed on rim, easiest to place a screwdriver down the side of bolt to get approx mm of recess depth.